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A prayer inspired by Hebrews

Son of God, heir of all things, through you, the universe was created.

Radiance of God’s glory, God’s essence in full expression, you sustain all things by your powerful word. Help us not to neglect your salvation, which you originally proclaimed, to which the apostles attested, and to which God also testified, by signs, wonders, and distributions of the Holy Spirit.

Son of Man, for a time, you were made lower than the angels, becoming like us in every way, sharing in our flesh and blood, tested and tempted, as we are, yet without sin. Sympathizing with our weaknesses, you help us in our trials. Dying, you destroyed death’s power and freed us from slavery. You suffered, sacrificed your life, tasted our death.

Faithful High Priest, make us faithful. Let us not be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. Do not give us up to rebellion. Rather, give us believing hearts that turn ever and eagerly toward you, the living God.

Jesus, you have passed through the heavens, and all things are subject to you, now crowned with glory and honor. We praise you and thank you for your goodness to us, in your humiliation and exaltation.